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Happy.Me™ is a South African owned franchise taking the country by storm. A beverage MIXOLOGY chain of cafés, Happy.Me™ brings unique fresh beverage concepts to South Africa from around the world. The menu includes Authentic Bubble Tea, Gourmet Coffees, Genuinely Healthy Smoothies and Superb Iced Yoghurt.

The Mixology Concept

With a concept based on ‘MIXOLOGY’ Happy.Me™ is here to stay as long as people are interested in an enjoyable drinking experience. Happy.Me™‘s R&D department has its finger on the pulse of developments in the industry while also being well versed in the art of creating products to capture the consumers’ imagination.

State-of-the art equipment and highly trained staff ensure customers memorable encounters with incredible flavours from around the world. Natural ingredients are infused, roasted, baked or blended according to trusted traditional methods guaranteeing an untainted fresh and flavourful experience.

Store types

We have 3 different store types:
Happy.Me™ Short: +/-30sqm (+/- R950,000) – example Happy.Me™ Eastgate
Happy.Me™ Tall: +/-70sqm (Happy.Me™ short with seating) (+/-R1,400,000). An example of this store is Happy.Me™ Greenside
Happy.Me™ Grande: +/-100sqm (Happy.Me™ Tall with additional food and beverage items) (+/-R1.6 million) An example of this store is Happy.Me™ Fourways

Setup Costs

The above costs are entirely dependent on the size of the shop, the location and what the existing infrastructure is. We are a premium brand and our shop fitting and design must reflect this.

Royalty fee

We charge a 5% royalty fee on turnover and 2% marketing fee (which goes into a separate marketing fund and used for marketing the brand).


Please note:

We are currently getting hundreds of franchise enquiries from South-Africa and neighbouring countries. Each person applying has different requirements and we have different options of assisting with these requirements.

Your options are:

Option 1: Start a Happy.Me™ franchise (one of the stores above) and be part of our extensive marketing and branding roll-out plan. Happy.Me™ is NOT just another Bubble Tea company. We are a lot more than that. Having said that we do serve by far the best bubble tea in South-Africa (3 years of culinary research), but we also serve chocolate, espressos, yoghurts, fruits etc. Happy.Me™ focuses on the quality of our products as well as the importance of the right branding and marketing. If you want to be part of this then Happy.Me™ franchise is for you. If however you just want to serve some of our drinks within you own store, then we can assist you with Option 2.

Option 2: We will provide you full training on how to make Bubble Tea. We don’t provide you with the Happy.Me™ recipes as these are part of the Happy.Me™ trademark. However we teach you to create all the possible flavours of bubble tea. We have been trained by tea masters in both Northern and Southern Taiwan. You can create your own brand and shopfitting and we will supply you with all the necessary equipment and products to make a great and refreshing bubble tea. This option you don’t benefit from our own recipes as well as our extensive branding and marketing roll-out (as can be seen from the media exposure in only a few months), however this is an option if you already have a store and just want to add some items to your menu.

International franchises

Happy.Me™ has opened its first master franchise in Namibia and we are now looking for more International Master Franchisors. More information available upon request.

If you are interested in taking it further, then please let me know and we can setup a meeting to discuss the way forward.

Kind regards
Jan Roode CA (SA)
Mobile: +27 83 308 5102
Office: +27 11 440 3835
Skype:  +27 11 083 8828

Please take note of our non disclosure agreement.