Our Story

Bringing you tastes from around the world, the Happy.Me™ story unfolds with every sip

Happy.Me™ is the result of a ten year odyssey of two adventurous foodies (Jay and Jan) that went out to taste and experiencing the world. After having travelled to over 60 countries what started off as pure whimsy slowly took form into the concept of taking the world’s best beverages and combining them under one brand.

What a nation drinks and eats is a unique representation of the culture, history and personality of their people. They tasted fragrant osmanthus flowers in China, agave nectar in Mexico, popping pearls in Taiwan, coconut in the Indonesia, herbal creations in Patagonia, coffee from the highlands of Ethiopia…They researched, tasted and documented hundreds of drinks.

To bring Happy.Me™ into reality, they sought expert advice from around the world and studied under tea masters in Asia, meticulously sourced the best ingredients, and finally, in their Johannesburg based test kitchen perfected the amazing beverages available to you on the Happy.Me™ menu.

Created on the principle of everyone’s Right to Happiness and Health, Happy.Me™ is a place where you can get in touch with your inner bliss. There are fantastic drinks to enjoy, quirky off-the-wall humour to share, an atmosphere of fun and excitement, or a quiet corner, if that’s what you need, are all part of the Happy.Me™ vibe. Happy.Me™ is a place where you’re encouraged to Be Yourself.

Free Wi-Fi in all stores makes it easy for people to socialise, work or just chill out.

Jan and Jay